Šioje svetainėje yra kaupiami slapukai. Susipažinkite su privatumo politika

  • Cozy courtyard

  • Lockable storage

  • Permanent watcher

  • Controlled heating

  • Private car parking
Privatumo politika

71.34 m2
Number of rooms
Balcony / loggia
11.88 m2
Windows direction
Light Brightened
Finishing description of apartment building

Inner walls, partitions and facade

Walls between apartments, staircases – masonry wall from ~25cm silicate blocks, daubed, painted with color. Apartment inner partitions from masonry blocks, between apartments – monolithic, daubed, painted. Sanitary nodes’ partitions: masonry wall from blocks with ceramic tiles’ coverage. Facade – isolated, painted decorative plaster.

Overlays and ceilings

Overlays – monolithic, daubed, painted.


Superposed, isolated, covered with bitumen welded coating, rain leaking system is arranged.

Windows and windowsills

Windows in apartments – laminated wood with 2 glass packet. Windowsills are wooden.


Apartment entrance – single armored multilayered. Apartments’ inside doors are wooden thyroid. Closing mechanisms are in WC rooms.


In the whole apartment territory reinforced concrete leveling layer is installed on sound or heath isolation. Apartments have three-layered parquet flooring and stone tiles.

Balconies, loggies/terraces

Balconies’ coating is reinforced concrete layer on heath isolation, stone mass tiles.


For room heating is planned a hydraulic collectorial heating system with individual accounts for each residential room (apartment). In bathrooms electrical floor heating and electrical towel dryers are planned. In each floor’s technical shaft – apartment’s individual heating accounts with a remote data capture.

Air conditioning

Air supply to the apartments is provided through windows. For air extraction from sanitary node exhaust fans are installed, for steam extraction from the kitchen a ventilation duct Ø125 is installed, extractor have to be installed by the owner of the apartment.

Water supply

Connected to the city’s main networks. Plumbing introduction brought to the water metering unit and installed in the apartment to the planned in the project plumbing appliances’ sites. In sanitary node plumbing appliances are constructed – a sink, mounted toilet, showers, drainage ladder. For each residential room an individual account is planned which will be arranged in general use corridor.

Domestic wastewater

Domestic wastewater stands are installed and installed up to planned plumbing appliances sites.

Internal electricity

Common areas have electricity installation and fully installed devices. In the apartments electricity shields with automatic fuses are installed. Following the project, concealed electrical installation wiring is arranged, sockets are mounted, switches, lamps’ outputs without device mounting.

Low voltage

In every floor, in a staircase a low voltage network sewerage is arranged (television, phone, internet), switching box (cables are not routed). From there PVC pipes are installed, in the apartment is arranged a low voltage cable distribution box. (In the apartment low voltage cables are routed). Phone, cable television, internet connection works (in staircases up to switching box up to apartment) are done by a service supplier chosen by an owner (phone, internet supplier, cable television company,etc.) after signing a subscription agreement. Automatic fire alarm system is installed.

Fire alarm

For all the rooms in the building an addressed fire alarm is arranged. Fire signal leads to receptionist’s room. Rooms have installed optical smoke detector.

Security alarm

Arranged a unified security alarm system, controlled from security office. For each apartment there is an individually dedicated alarm managing keyboard. For common object’s spaces there’s no security alarm arranged. The entrance to ground floors’ parking and entrances to static and each floors’ corridors are controlled by security camera system.


In residential rooms freon inverted air-conditioning is installed, wall-type. Air-conditioning system cooling agent – freon R410.

Car parking

Car parking lot below the building;
– Car parking lot next to entrance ramp;
– Entrance barrier, controlled with remote control.
Parking below the building is open, cover – concrete tiles.